The University of Chicago chapter of Students for a Democratic Society was founded in the winter of 2008.

During winter and spring quarters of the 2007-2008 school year, SDS co-hosted a series of film screenings and discussions focusing on questions of student politics and social movements. We also organized student turnout for the May Day immigrant rights march, as well as several anti-war rallies during the same time period. In spring quarter, we cosponsored the Radical Structural Change Study Break during first week (SDS members put considerable time into construction for the event), and were present to help facilitate and talk to attendees. We also participated in the Great Debate in the Colors of Our Flag series, and cosponsored the Naomi Klein talk and the student-organized teach-in on the Milton Friedman Institute.

More details about current campaigns will be added shortly.

We hold weekly organizational and planning meetings on Thursdays in Cobb Hall at 7pm, and maintain a listhost for announcements.


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